Users’ Guide / Manual of e-tender-cum-e-auction

(For Buyers)


Sale of Goods at




I.          One PC(Computer) with Internet connection        

II.          Email address

III.         Registration with as buyer   


In case PC or Internet Connection is not there the website can be accessed from any cybercafé.


How to Register with


               I.      Log on to our website at

             II.      Click on the link ‘Customs and Excise Auctions'.

            III.      If you click on Home, you will be directed to the website

         IV.      To register as new bidder or to enter the bidding area, click on the link ‘Proceed for e-Auction / e-Tender’ given at the bottom of the page. 

           V.      Then click on the link ’Register' to get registered for Customs eAuction or Customs eAuction including Scrap & Others eAuction.

         VI.      GENERAL   TERMS  &  CONDITIONS  OF  e-AUCTION will appear on the screen. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where two options will be there :

 (a) Register as Buyer and  (b) Register as Seller.

        VII.      Select and click on "Register as Buyer" option.

      VIII.      BUYER SPECIFIC TERMS & CONDITIONS will appear next on the screen. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where again two options will be available: 'Agree'   and   'Disagree'.

         IX.      Select and click on 'Agree' button.

           X.      Buyer's Registration Form will appear on the screen. Fill up the desired information. You will have to select and click on 'Customs Auction’ in the Buyer Type field.

         XI.      All fields marked with * are mandatory and must be filled in.

        XII.      Select your User ID and Password and keep a note of the same.

      XIII.      Please ensure that the email address given is a valid one and is presently active.

    XIV.      After filling up the form click on the 'Submit' button.

     XV.      The next page may not be relevant to you. Please fill up only relevant fields and click on 'Preview' button. All the information typed in the form will be displayed to you for verification. If the information is correctly entered then click on 'Submit' button. The next page will ask for some information which you need to fill up. On successful registration the system will send you an email containing your unique buyer registration Number and also inform you instantly to submit 'Registration Fee' and the relevant documents as mentioned under:

(a)               Copy of Sales Tax Registration Certificate

(b)               Copy of PAN Card

(c)               Copy of Income Tax return (Latest one)

(d)               Copy of Two passport size photographs of the contact person along with a copy of individual PAN Card or Driving License.

(e)               Non-refundable Registration fee by way of Demand Draft/Pay Order in favour of MSTC Limited where the documents are to be submitted by you.

(f)    The Registration fee is : (i)  Rs.10,000/-  if one wishes to participate in all eauctions conducted by MSTC or (ii) Rs 5,000/- if one wishes to participate only in auctions conducted by MSTC for Customs. In addition Service Tax and Educational Cess at the applicable rates shall be payable on the registration fee.


The above documents and the registration fee can be submitted at any of our offices in India whose address is available on the website itself or Click Here for MSTC offices. Copies of the documents to be submitted should be attested by a Gazetted Officer or Chartered Accountant or a Public Notary or the original documents should be produced for verification.


On submission of documents your account will be activated and you will be issued a 'Photo Identity Card', which has to be collected from MSTC offices. ‘Photo Identity Card’ will be issued by same MSTC office where you have submitted the documents.


Information of forthcoming e-Auctions: All the registered buyers will be intimated about all the auctions through email. The information will also be available on our websites: and .


How to purchase Materials Offered by Customs Depttt through e-tender-cum-e-Auction? 


1.                  Only those customers who are registered with as a buyer and whose account is in Activated status for Customs eAuctions shall be eligible to participate in e-tender-cum-e-Auction.

2.                  The e-tender-cum-e-Auction shall be open for a pre defined period (for example four hours or as declared in eAuction Catalogues).

3.                  e-tender-cum-e-Auction will start at the scheduled date and time with only eligible bidders able to participate in that.

4.                  After the scheduled start time, a registered and activated bidder need to do the following. Log onto and click on ‘Indian Customs eAuction/eTender’. Then click on the ‘Proceed for eAuction/eTender’ link at the bottom of the page. A page will appear where you will have to give your username and password and log on as a Customs Auction Buyer.

5.                  The next page will have a dialog box asking the bidder to choose the mode of bidding – e-Auction or e-Tender.

6.                  If the bidder chooses e-Tender, a page will appear showing two links – View Live Auctions (showing current events and View Forthcoming Auctions (showing events due to come in future).

7.                  To participate in any current e-tender, click on the link ‘View Live Auctions’. A list of e-tenders running at that time will appear. Click on the e-tender in which you wish to bid. The e-tender form for bidding will appear with all details. Now, you can type your bid against the lot of your choice and click on ‘BID’ button to submit your bid. Once a bid is registered against a lot, the ‘BID’ button against the lot will get disabled and you can not bid against the same lot again. To view your bid, you may click on the link ‘Your Bid’ and see the bid and bid date and time.

8.                  To participate in e-Auction, choose e-Auction as your mode of bidding. Again two links – ‘View Live Auctions’ (showing current events and ‘View Forthcoming Auctions’ (showing events due to come in future) will appear. Click on ‘View Live Auctions’. All the running e-Auctions will be listed. Click on the e-Auction where you wish to participate. The auction floor will open up with relevant details. Bidding is to be done lotwise.

9.                  For any lot, a bidder can increase his bid any no. of times. No downward revision of bid will be allowed.

10.             During auction at any time a bidder can see the last ten bids received for a lot. However, name of bidder will not be available.

11.             The H-1 price for the lots put up for auction will be displayed on the auction floor.

12.             Against every lot, the time of close of auction will be displayed separately.

13.             An auction will close for bidding at the scheduled time or extended time depending upon the bidding.

14.             If any bid is received during the last 08 minutes before scheduled close of auction for any lot, its close time will get automatically extended by 08 minutes from the time of last bid in order to give equal opportunity to all bidders.

15.             Bidding will close for a particular lot either at the scheduled close time or till there will be a period of 08 minutes during which no bid has been recorded, whichever happens later.

16.             When bidding for all the lots in an e-Auction close, e-Auction will close.

17.             Autobid facilty : In the auction, a bidder may give instruction to the computer to bid on his behalf everytime his bid is exceeded by clicking on the Autobid button. Once the bidder clicks on the Autobid button, the computer will ask for incremental value and upper limit of bid. The bidder has to fill up these values and submit. The auction floor will display the upper bid limit against each active autobid for all the lots. However, it may be noted that a bidder will be allowed to exercise this facility only once in each lot.

18.             There will be no extension of time for bidding in e-Tender. This means that e-tender will close at the scheduled close time even if the e-Auction for the same lots may continue in the extended period.

19.             If the highest rate obtained in the e-tender is same as that in the e-auction, then the bid received earlier will be considered the Net Highest Price and the same shall be compared with the Reserve Price.

20.             After close of auction, system will compare the higher of the H-1 prices (Net Price) received in e-tender and e-Auction with the Reserve Price for that lot.

21.             If the Net Price is equal to or greater than the Reserve Price, it will be Accepted by the Computer as sold. If it is below the Reserve Price but within the STA limit, it will be taken on Subject to Approval (STA) basis. In all other cases, the Net Price will be taken as Pending. The seller will decide the cases for STA and Pending and results will be declared after receipt of communications from the seller.

22.             All the successful bidders (both for confirmed Sale and sale on STA basis) will be intimated through Sale Intimation Letter which will be sent automatically through email by the system. However, you may also  personally see online through the link ”Auction Lot Status” immediately after closing of eAuction and payment of Post-Bid EMD/SD must be made accordingly. Post-Bid EMD/SD will be @ 25% of the Sale Value for ‘SOLD’ Lots and @10% of the Sale Value for ‘STA’ Lots, which has to be paid within 3 (three) days from the date of Declaration of result (excluding the date of closing of e-Auction/e-Tender and irrespective of the date of issue of Sale Intimation Letter).

23.              Bidders will then have to deposit Post-Bid EMD/SD as specified in the Sale Intimation Letter or by checking the ”Auction Lot Status” link. On receipt of Post-Bid EMD/SD, Sale Acceptance Letter will be issued asking the buyers to deposit balance payment within 5 (five) days from the date of issue of Sale Acceptance Letter.

24.             Bidders will then deposit the balance payments including taxes and duties at MSTC office and Delivery Order will be issued by MSTC.

25.             Buyers to take delivery from the Seller’s premises against the Release Order to be issued by the Seller.

26.             If a successful bidder does not pay the Post-Bid EMD/SD, his login will be deactivated and he will not be able to participate in any future auctions of Indian Customs eAuction or Scrap & Others eAuction and Customs eAuctions as the case may be for a minimum period of 6 (six) months and, his Registration Fee will be forfeited. While considering his request for reactivation which will be at the sole discretion of MSTC, all facts including the number of PRINCIPALS / eAuctions / Lots for which he had failed which are germane will be taken into account.



For any further query or assistance regarding e-tender-cum-e-Auction, please contact any of the offices of MSTC Limited.


N.B : These guidelines are meant to assist the bidders in understanding the process and should not be taken as exhaustive. Modifications / amendments, if necessary, shall be made from time to time. Bidders are therefore advised to frequently check for any modification / amendments.